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Empire Music Promotions has quickly grown to become one of the music industries leading and most trusted Music PR firms around.

After years of successfully helping independent musicians in achieving exciting exposure for their own music, Empire Music Promotions has once again proven to put the success of their global clients first and foremost, by making the conscious decision to break away from the tired music business model that has hundreds of music promotion companies offering the same old Music PR campaigns, with the same results, and for the same bloated prices; all the while doing their best to never let their clients in on the big secret; the internet and social media revolution is here! And musicians no longer need music promotion companies to open industry doors for them!

With some focused training, any musician can now command their own exposure, build up their own music buying audience, and avoid the dire situation of learning to rely solely on a music PR company to guarantee the future success of their music.

We at Empire Music Promotions no longer want to promote serious-minded musicians, we no longer want to promote music at all! Instead we want to teach musicians to become their own empowered music promoters! We want to free them from the old system, by teaching them to embrace the new music industry, and to embrace the potential that exists within themselves!

We intend on exposing the industry secrets, helping you build your own powerful contacts, and working with you to create your own key to the music industries doors!


“Give a musician music promotion and you hype them for a day. Teach a musician to promote their own music and they can build their own Empire!”—Ryan Donnelly, Founder of Empire Music Promotions 


Ryan Donnelly, Founder of Empire Music Promotions

Founded by the Author of the powerful music promotional book (From Indie To Empire- The only DIY music marketing tool needed for today’s Indie Musicians) Ryan Donnelly has worked for many years within the music industry, and on many different levels within it; from an accomplished music journalist, to a respected commercial band photographer, to creating the highly successful Music PR Firm Empire Music Promotionsfrom the ground up, Ryan Donnelly has become regarded in the industry as a straight-shooting, pull-no-punches, knowledgeable, and friendly, music promoter. His goal has always been to help the artists in the best way he knows how, and to leave those artists feeling happy about their choice to work with Empire Music Promotions, and more importantly, empowered about their own music!

Now, after years of working with musicians all over the world, and of all genres, who have created music worth listening to, Ryan Donnelly has decided that it is time to do more than just offer the press, the hype machine results, the radio play, the playlist spots, the tour help and all the rest; and instead, it is time to teach and empower any serious-minded musician to dominate their own music promotion so they can control their own artistic destinies!

It is time to give musicians the power back!


After years of working one-on-one with inspired independent musicians all over the world, we have made it our focus to remain approachable and ever ready to help answer any questions our clients might have about music promotion. This has allowed us to develop a uniquely personalized way to work with musicians, and effectively help musicians move forward confidently in their own social media music PR efforts, without the usual feeling of working quietly with a giant corporate entity focused on only the money.

We want our time working together to be empowering to you as an artist. We want to develop a true friendship based out of respect and our mutual desire to give you the tools necessary to succeed in your own music promotion.

We want you to look forward to your weekly work schedule and your weekly meeting with us. We want you to feel like you are gaining momentum in your own understanding of the new music industry, and that you ultimately have the power to control your own success, without the necessity of hiring expensive Music PR Firms to do the work for you.

In order to achieve this organic, friendly, and empowering experience, we know that we must always remain transparent and forthcoming with our clients. We must not hold any industry secrets back, and we must make it our mission to help create artists who no longer need services such as ours.

There are no contracts. There are no hidden fees. There is only our mission to serve you, the artist.


There are multiple levels of music promotion, and perhaps none are as powerful as commanding your own social media platforms. However, there is always another level, and another angle to look at; which is why we never stop looking for those angles ourselves.

When it comes to music promotion, we are specialists in Branding, Music Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, Web Development, Professional Writing, and more!

We never stop learning about Music Promotion, and our promise to you is that we will never hold back anything new we have discovered!


Whether you are looking to learn how to promote your own music, to gain your own press, to get on the radio, book your own shows and more! We are here to help you with the entire music picture. If you need graphic design services, we have it, as new website, we can build it, or anything else, we can research it for you.

The whole picture looks a lot like you succeeding, everything else is just another color on the canvas.


Now that you have learned a bit about us, take a moment to look over our exciting program and sign up today! 

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