Want to know more about Empire Music Promotions? Read our FAQ section below. 

Can you promote my music?
We stopped promoting musicians the moment we decided to give the power back to them. As one of the fastest growing Music PR Firms around, we have taken Music Promotion very seriously, so much so that our Founder wrote a book on the subject. We made the choice to change with the times and to embrace the DIY Music PR Revolution that has arrived (your DIY Music PR Revolution!). 

Yes, we could continue to promote you, but we won't; because we know that we can save you money, we can empower you as an true serious indie musician, and we can free you from the expensive cycle of Music PR Firm Dependency once and for all! 

  • Join the Music Promotion Mentorship Program
  • Spend one month learning from us. 
  • And you will no longer look for someone else to promote your music. 
Is this program demanding on my time? I am really busy. 


We want you to succeed in promoting your music, and we want you to enjoy the program that we have created through our many years as Music Promoters. The best way to make sure that you get the most out of our program is to work with you throughout the entire process, and to change whatever we need to to accommodate each one of our clients busy schedules.

In short; we make sure that you have time. 

What can I expect to learn from the Music Promotion Mentorship Program? 


From effective branding and social media habits, to powerful marketing skills and audience building skills, the Music Promotion Mentorship Program was designed to do open the door for today's serious indie musicians into the Music PR world! 

We hold nothing back in our pursuit to make you the best music promoter that you know, and upon completing the program you will receive the largest discount on the industries most powerful collection of Music PR Resources!  

You can expect to learn how to grow you audience and command your own Music PR! 

Wouldn't it be easier if I just paid for Music Promotion from any of the top Music PR Firms around? 


Yes, it would be easier. It would also be far more expensive and no more effective, and above all else, it would also leave you forever dependent on someone else to get your music heard.

The music industry used to work a certain. It was expected that the artist must pay the gatekeepers (labels and Music PR Firms)  to reach their audience; but that was a long time ago, and the DIY Music PR Revolution has finally arrived! 

Musician's today have so many incredible options available to them, and never before has it ever been more in the artists hands to grow their own audience and build their own Music Empire!  

We want to free you from the expensive cycle of Music PR Firm Dependency! 

Can I expect to get signed soon after I complete the program?

Getting signed with a label today means that you have created an impressive social media following; not before that. Our program is designed to get you well on the path to creating that impressive social media following. If you want to sign with a label, then consider our revolutionary Music Promotion Mentorship Program the best investment you can make for your music! 

I am interested in taking your program, what's next? 

Great to hear! Simply add the program to your cart and checkout! Upon you signing up for the Music Promotion Mentorship Program, we will reach out to you and get started with an introduction email. Once we have established your specific needs, we will customize the program to suit your life and get started momentarily!